What Our Clients Say

"This driving school was phenomenal! They helped our daughter and worked with us. It's affordable, effective and very accommodating. We reccomend this school to everyone! All we had to do was go to the DMV turn in paperwork and she took her picture and got her Driver's license. This School did everything else."

Susan Orchard

"Marie has a knack for putting students (and their parents) at ease both behind the wheel and in the classroom. She’s professional, trustworthy, and humorous. So thankful for the experience she’s brought my new driver, and thankful she’s walked us through the intricacies of the DMV process. Highly recommend!"

Anne Leach Boyd

"I highly recommend Priceless Cargo Driving School. Marie instilled a level of confidence in our daughter, that we as her parents were not able to do. It was such a weight off of our minds to know she was learning in a safe environment and as busy working parents, it was wonderful to have someone who was so flexible with times!! Look no further!!!"

JoAnne Skauge Hornkohl

"If you need or want to learn how to drive this is the place!!!! I went driving today and it was the best experience of my life. She made be feel so comfortable. She explained everything and made sure I understood. There was no aggravation wasn’t no frustration even though sometime I messed up. I honestly can say I learn so much better when someone teacher has the passion to teach and help.

Michelle Raye Hensley

"Marie is a miracle worker!!! I noticed a complete difference in my son after just one lesson. I can't thank her enough for helping put him at ease behind the wheel. She is fast to respond to your calls and very flexible with her time. She took such a weight off my shoulders. What a blessing. If you are looking for someone who truly cares, look no further. SHE is by far the best out there. Thanks again Marie!"

Julie McDowall

"I highly recommend Priceless Cargo DMy daughter truly loved the driving experience here. She gets so nervous with her Dad but when she came home from her lesson here she was bouncing off the wall with excitement. She said she felt so relaxed and learned several things. She can't wait to go out again!"

Cindy Goodine

"So I went to the educational class today and absolutely loved it! I get so nervous behind the wheel and my instructor was very patient with me throughout it all! I've never been more comfortable than I was driving with her! If you guys are having trouble learning how to drive, this is where you need to go! Her patience and kindness is everything!"

Tyra Jones

"Absolutely love this place and will tell more people about it. Love how Marie works with the kids and when she feels like they are ready for the test. Best decision I ever made choosing this place. God bless y'all and I pray y'all are still open when my other son gets old enough lol "

Jennifer Suddeth

"Marie is wonderful! While our interaction was limited, as she & my son were obviously the ones spending the most time together-I truly enjoyed her personality, sense of humor, how she truly has a “knack” and passion for teaching her students. Blake did as well-he thinks very highly of her and enjoyed her company as she taught him to be a safe driver! We appreciate you."

Molly Holbrooks Grant

"Ovisously my first driving school but Priceless cargo would be my go to again if I had to re-take it again and I highly recommend it to many other teens.They really show you what right from wrong is.Mrs.Cindy my driving instructor was fabulous on teaching me!Marie was very nice and respectful!Overall a very good driving school 5 Stars"

Chris Cooper

"I highly recommend this driving school!!Marie has such patience and giving heart to the kids she teaches. My son was scared to drive and now he has such confidence and is ready for the next lesson. She has truly found her calling that God intended for her. I’m thankful we found this school!"

Mandy Brewer

"Marie always worked so hard to accommodate our schedule. Picking my driver up from school, letting her drive as long as possible, dropping her off at work, etc. Anything for my driver to get her time in. Pleased beyond measure. This is my 2nd child to go through drivers training, I wish Priceless Cargo had been around for my first driver. Already planning to use them for my 3rd driver...yes, they are that good."

Dena Recio